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Safe confidential and supportive environment

I am a trained, integrative counsellor which means that I draw upon a variety of counselling methods, depending upon my clients needs.

It is my view that the quality of the relationship we build together is more important than any theoretical model we use.  I care deeply about the relationship I establish with you as I’m aware of how essential it is to you achieving a successful outcome from therapy. I will work in a way that enables me to see  and appreciate ‘you’ as a person, before any problem, and will view you as a unique individual with the capacity to reach your full potential and become your true self.

I will offer you a safe confidential and supportive environment throughout your counselling sessions where you can talk about your experiences and feel relaxed and comfortable in being emotionally open and honest throughout our communication. As a professional, I will provide you with non-judgmental listening and support throughout our relationship, where you can feel safe to explore your feelings, develop self knowledge and begin to grow as you work through your inner conflicts.

I believe that collaboratively we will find a way of working that suits you, after all, you have your own point of view about your individual experiences and with support can reconnect with your inner resources to find your own way to move forward .

If the past feels too painful to look at we can work in the present, perhaps someone listening to your past and working alongside you whilst you explore what that experience has meant to your present is just what you need to heal.

I’ve experienced being a client in counselling myself and understand how rewarding and sometimes emotionally strenuous counselling can be. Through exploring your thoughts counselling can eventually bring more clarity, relaxation within yourself and also, peace of mind. Being able to have the tools to make change and gaining personal insight into how to continue to grow is a phenomenal experience. Life can gradually begin to feel more enjoyable and fun as greater understanding of yourself starts to improve your self-esteem, your personal relationships and where life goals become more reachable.